Greetings & White Chocolate Lithophanes (Greyscale white chocolate photographs)

William Miller
06/20/14 04:28:53PM
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Hi Everyone,

I am a chocolate newbie but find chocolate production and chocolate mold making a creative interest that is rewarding when your idea comes to fruition especially if it puts a smile on someone's face and makes them feel good eating the chocolate.

With some trial & error I found some luck making white chocolate lithophanes that look stunning. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to collaborate in some fashion. My site is and I have presented at the Miami Fine Food, Beverage & Chocolate Show held last March.

I am in the Miami area and will travel as a consultant to get you started doing this. My problem was tempering the white chocolate as I was getting inconsistent results even with a tempering machine ;-(

Attached is a white chocolate lithophane of a jaguar (the darkness and lightness is determined by the chocolate thickness). All lithophanes rely on the material's translucent properties which white chocolate possesses.

I look forward to hearing from you more experienced chocolatiers and would smile if I could make chocolate my livelihood.

Let's network somehow.


Bill Miller

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Adriennne Henson
06/28/14 11:21:12AM
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I just went on your site and that is cool

I don't make chocolate but eat it

you may need a very good tasting white chocolate bar or one with much cocoa butter

I don't know this end too well

William Miller
06/29/14 11:21:22AM
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Hi Adrienne,

Thanks for thinking it is cool! Yes, I make it with really tasty white chocolate about 34% cocoa butter. What do you mean by you don't know if this end too well?




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