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Beryl Wells Hamilton2
07/19/14 06:54:24PM
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Greetings fellow chocolate lovers and chocolate makers! Clyo and I have been so busy making chocolate and getting our business going, that we haven't had much time to post here. However, we have learned a lot from The Chocolate Life people who post here over the past year. Just a note to let everyone within earshot (or cyber-earshot) know that Meadowlands Chocolate (we make handcrafted, single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate) has launched our first KICKSTARTER Project! Please take a look, enjoy the video and read our story, and consider contributing if you can and are so inclined.

Great Chocolate definitely ROCKS!

-- Clyo and Beryl, Meadowlands Chocolate

Here's the link:


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Beryl Wells Hamilton2
07/22/14 08:36:55PM
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Would anyone be able to give us some tips and pointers for getting the word out about Meadowlands Chocolate's Kickstarter campaign? Kickstarter has been very successful for several other bean-to-bar chocolate makers. We have a great product and would like to succeed in our Kickstarter goal. Would appreciate any help, especially from those who have run successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Clay Gordon
02/22/15 10:55:13AM
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How did your Kickstarter go?

clay -


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