Chocolate Enthusiast and a Supporter of Indian Cocoa Farmer.

Nabil Chunawala
02/05/15 09:04:36AM
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As a chocolate enthusiast I recently began to wonder why Indian grown Cocoa is not as widely used to make fine chocolate .I am currently working to promote the use of Indian cocoa beans in the international Artisanal Chocolate industry. I am working directly with the Farmers to procure good quality Cocoa Beans by paying them a higher price than what they are currently receiving. I would like to ask all of you fantastic Chocolate Makers out there if you would be willing to try using Indian Cocoa and thus help me (in my small way ) to improve the lives of cocoa farmers in India .



Nabil Chunawala 

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Devansh Ashar
03/07/15 12:02:21PM
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Dear Nabil,

I'm a bean to bar chocolatier.

Please feel to reach out at +91 810 843 8800.



Ash Maki
03/07/15 06:09:40PM
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 We would be willing to try your beans provided they are certified organic. I have yet to try an Indian bean.

Nabil Chunawala
03/09/15 04:07:44AM
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Hi Ash,

I can provide you with certified organic Inian Cocoa

Kindly let me know if you would like a sample


Ash Maki
03/09/15 10:59:39AM
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That would be great, We always like to try new things around here. You could send a sample to our shop here. 

Starchild Chocolate

101 N Main St Willits, Ca 95490 USA


10/20/16 01:59:35PM
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Namaste' Nabil,

I'm working in Pondicherry and would be interested in samples.

I'm reachable for 4 more weeks until November 21st and then from February 2017 via +919655897895




11/03/16 09:50:58AM
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im interested in giving your bean a look. you can send a sample to

ho nyuyen thao

24/9 tran cao van

hoi an, quang nam

vietnam. 880000

Chad Martinell
11/14/16 02:08:10PM
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I'm always wiling to try out a new bean! Let me know if you can send a sample. I can PM you with my address.

Edit - Aaaand I just realized this was a very old post!

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07/16/17 02:44:46PM
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Hello Nabil, 

we are a beans to bar artisan chocolatiers factory factory at Lonavla near Mumbai. You can reach out to us on or WhatsApp 0976235119 




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