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Michael Nickel
03/01/16 14:15:20
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Greetings all!  By way of introduction, my name is Michael.  I love flavorful, minimally processed, high percentage dark chocolate.  I currently live in Peru and have been growing several T. cacao varieties for almost 5 years.  Presently, I am learning how to ferment and dry cacao from my current (second year) harvest focusing on developing flavor.  It is tough work, but very satisfying especially in the context of a complex agroforestry system and forest garden.  I am also very interested in finding a balance between growing a high quality economically viable cacao harvest and practicing tropical rainforest/biodiversity conservation.  

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Michael Nickel
03/01/16 14:47:50
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Thanks sebastian!

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Clay Gordon
03/01/16 15:25:17
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Michael -

Welcome to TheChocolateLife!

Where in Peru are you doing this work?

:: Clay

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