Hello (again)

Vanessa Chang
03/02/16 09:47:21PM
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Getting back into the forums after a long time lurking. Been a member for a couple of years but am compelled to be more active. Recently relocated to the Bay Area and am looking for other fine chocolate enthusiasts to connect with. 

My new fascination: Fermentation. It falls in line with my other loves (cheese, wine, salumi, whiskey). By day I preach pork for a salumi artisan in Marketing. When I can I am continuing my chocolate education. 

Excited to explore!


03/03/16 06:33:10AM
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Welcome!  I've got two bresaola's that just hit target weight this week, into the cold smoker they go!

Clay Gordon
03/03/16 12:47:09PM
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Cheers, Vanessa! Looking forward to your contributions

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
05/25/17 01:01:21AM
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Welcome .. Looking forward to your contributions


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