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03/11/16 04:44:34PM
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Hi everyone, I'd like to say hello and introduce myself. Originally from the Czech Republic, I'm based in the SF Bay Area. I am first and foremost a writer but professionally speaking, an A.P.E. — that stands for Author Producer Entrepreneur (or Author Publisher Entrepreneur if you ask Guy Kawasaki). I've worked on Hollywood film sets, learned to dance flamenco, got nearly locked up in an ancient Byzantine mosque in Spain, met the real Baron von Munchausen in Malta, and rode 6 floors in a tiny wooden elevator belly to belly with a former Latin American president.

I also happen to love chocolate, so much so that I wrote a book about its history and mythology. For kids. Adventure/fantasy, based on the real stuff. (There actually was a Lord Cacao in old Tik'al.) But all these adults keep reading it and getting lost in it. I guess no one is immune to the stuff...

I've been following some of the posts here and finally found some time to set up an account and say hello.  And now that I have, the risk that I might start asking questions and participating in these forums is dangerously real.

Really looking forward to learning from the wonderful collective expertise that breathes from every page here, getting to know some of you, and contributing as much as I can.

Warm regards,




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