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12/15/16 09:38:53AM
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My name is Christopher, and I currently live in San Diego where I am creating some recipes for couverture chocolates and clusters, bean to finished product. Once I establish a small business in San Diego, the plan is to move to India and expand the business for humanitarian and social justice concerns. I have been looking at equipment from China, primarily on Alibaba. Have any of you purchased tempering and enrobing systems, conching machines, cocoa butter presses, roasters or winnowers from China? If so, could you let me know how these machines performed for you?

I welcome all suggestions from those who "have been there, done that."

Clay Gordon
12/15/16 10:43:06AM
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Welcome to TheChocolateLife! While I hope that ChocolateLife members will share with you directly, I also encourage you to ask you to ask questions as they arise. The greater the volume of postings the greater the likelihood that people will respond.

You might also consider a regular series of blog posts to document and share your progress. I know we'd all like to hear more ... there are many, many members of TheChocolateLife in India.

:: Clay

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