Prices of equipment from Europe- movement in prices?

12/28/16 10:32:38
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I am wondering if prices have come down or show any type of pattern on importing machines applicable to 

our chocolate businesses?  Anyone had recent experiences or observations?  Are there sources one can be confident in to

check this out?

Clay Gordon
12/28/16 11:34:54
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The major change I've seen is that the US$ is now stronger than the €uro. Otherwise, prices are fairly stable. Ocean shipping costs can vary depending on the cost of fuel and differences in cost structures between shipping companies.

clay -
12/29/16 02:42:30
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Being in Europe myself I would be curious to know what machines you are considering worthy of being shipped in comparison to machine being fabricated in the US?  As I am also looking at doing the opposite.

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12/29/16 10:30:06
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I am thinking of enrobers. I am not far from the starting line in my research and experience with these type of machines.  There seems to be a pattern or perhaps even a consensus that generally European brands (Italian, German) appear to have the better equipment.  I don't know about customer service but I hope that having a US market for their goods would logically require ongoing positive support. If the equipment is of high quality and reliability the good news should be that customer service will not be used as much.  

What equipment is of interest to you traveling in the opposite direction?


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