Hi from Brazil

06/04/17 07:33:06PM
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Hi, my name is André and I'm looking for building my own chocolate brand in the bean-to-bar business at my city, Rio de Janeiro. I'm currently studing the whole process before step into this adventure :)


Robert Kray
06/05/17 11:52:59AM
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Hi Andre. Good luck!! Should you require the heated chocolate sprayer (hotCHOC) or fast chocMELTER, get in touch with us, KREA Swiss (info@kreaswiss.com). We are also available in Brazil and other South American countries.velvet effect with hotCHOC spray gun by Fernando De Oliveira

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Jim Dutton
06/05/17 07:43:32PM
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Robert Kray,

I saw in another thread you provided a link to an image of a bonbon speckled (quite nicely) using the HotChoc, yet in many other places Krea representatives and the Krea literature have stated that the sprayer requires a half-cocoa butter, half-chocolate mixture and, even more explicitly, that the sprayer is not intended for use with colored cocoa butter. It would be helpful to have a definitive answer to the question many chocolatiers have: can the HotChoc replace an airbrush or sprayers (such as the Fuji) when decorating molds (whether covering the cavities entirely or creating other artistic effects, such as speckling)? I should add that the HotChoc has a very large container for the spraying medium; if the company were to provide a smaller one and if the answer to my question above is positive, I think Krea would open up a new market for itself.

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06/14/17 08:24:55AM
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