New Chocolate Brand - "Palette"

12/23/19 05:33:42PM
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Hi Everyone, 

I’m the owner of Palette, a local Seattle chocolate company.

Palette is a chocolate collection that gathers influence from a variety of bold women. We strive for high quality nourishing delicious experiences.

We use a palette of stimulating, natural, unique ingredients in our bars to reflect a woman's individuality and what she embodies for herself.

I am also partnered with the 2020 Wine Walks, and I also sell at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, WA, The Grape Choice in Kirkland, WA, Rider Cellars in Yakima, Truce Spa at the Westin in Bellevue, WA and on Amazon, Link:

My best selling items are the: Banana & Cinnamon 45% Milk Chocolate and Lemon & Lavender 70% Dark Chocolate.

Let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing some custom orders! Or making a Wholesale order, I'll attache the sheet.

Thank you!  


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New Chocolate Brand - "Palette"
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