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Mark Phillips
12/23/11 12:12:01PM
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I'm one step up from a beginner.

I make truffles on the most basic, not very polished level (no tempering, for example).

I also use chocolate in biscotti and in some cakes.

I'd like three or four books that will help take me up a notch or two.

I like good illustrated directions.
I have very little interest in the whole history of chocolate.

I have no plans to make a wide variety of candies, just better truffles, more baking choices, and more alternative chocolate deserts (such as mousse)

I also have very little interest in sculptured designs, etc.

More info on choosing chocolates and some basic chocolate making tools would also be helpful.

So please take a shot with some of your favorites, going right up ands through 2011.



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