Want to buy a 10" Hilliard Enrober with Cooling Tunnel

Aileen Mand
02/24/15 03:46:43PM
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Hello Chocolate Lifers,


If anyone has a 10" Hilliard Enrober with Pre-bottomer and Cooling Tunnel (total length 22 ft) for sale, please contact me through here or directly at info@festivalofchocolate.com


Much appreciated!

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Gina Mulcahy
04/15/15 02:04:38PM
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Hi there, were you able to find the enrober you were looking for? I've been looking for over a year now and can't find one reasonably priced.  Was just curious.  Can't believe the prices of these things. 

04/17/15 01:41:06AM
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I've just recived an email with this:




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