Wanted: Used Dedy Guitar Cutter

Shannon Campbell
02/18/16 01:58:44PM
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Like everyone else in the world (lol) I am in search of a lower priced Dedy all metal guitar with frame.  I am open to different sized frames.  

If you have one please contact me by and include pictures with asking price.  


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02/18/16 03:19:18PM
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I have a Dedy with 4 frames. $1,800 + Shipping

7.5mm base & 4 frames 37.5 mm, 30 mm, 22.5 mm, and 15 mm. 

The 22.5 mm frame is missing 4 wires.  I bought replacement wire, but cannot find it.  Ten of the wires have heavy size 8 wire.  Three wires have the original size 6 wire.  I've really enjoyed the thick wire.  It hasn't broken and it's allowed me to cut caramels. :) 



Shannon Campbell
02/18/16 03:26:07PM
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Thank you so much!  Unfortunately I think the extra frames puts this well out of range for me. I really only need one frame and the set brand new is $1400 for one.  So I do appreciate it but I'll have to pass on the large set. Thank you!  

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02/21/16 11:28:27PM
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TCF Sales distributes new Dedy Guitars.  Please give us a call at 512-201-4443 and I will make you a special price on 7.5 base with 22.5 frame.

Thank you, Tom

Greg Gould
02/22/16 11:39:44AM
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Don't get one used. I bought a used one in January through ebay, it came broken, and I'm still disputing it with the seller.


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