For Sale: Working Cacao Farm in Costa Rica

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For Sale  Chocolate Farm In Costa Rica Southern Zone


San Vito De Coto Brus

The Chocolate Farm is a 90 acre working farm in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica that includes 15 acres of mature cacao plantation, 15 acres of virgin forest, two year-round creeks, abundant fruit tres, bamboo, bananas, pineapples, and lots of pasture additional planting, construction, or animal stewardship.

Organic Chocolate Farm
Winner of 2015 Heirloom Cacao Initiative
In January of 2015, This Chocolate Farm won the coveted Heirloom Cacao Initiative. This prize designates cacao plantations with exceptional trees and beans endowed with a combination of historic, cultural, botanical, geographical, and most importantly flavor value. Perhaps just as important, this Heirloom designation allows the Chocolate Farm to market its beans to the best chocolate makers in America. In 2016, the Farm produced 5.5 Tons (907.18 kgs per Ton) of Cacao Beans. This year they expect to harvest and sell 6 Tons. Export prices for top quality raw beans varies between $7 and $10 per kilo. Without the hassle of export, the fine bean to bar makers within Costa Rica will eagerly pay $5/kilo for properly fermented and dried beans. (Samaritan Xocolata will buy or broker all of it!)

This unique farm is located about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the center of San Vito. It is incredibly placed in a large valley with a 20 mile radial view in every direction, including stunning scenery with mountains in the distance, exquisite cloud formations, distant patchwork-quilt farms dotting the countryside accented with grazing animals. With the mountains at a distance, this particular area receives a lot of sun. The Altitude is about 1650 feet above sea level, perfect for any type of farming; everything grows here, fruit and vegetables, root crops, herbs and spices, and of course, Cacao.
San Vito and the surrounding area is known as a Coffee Producing Region. This particular farm has 15 acres of producing Organic Cacao. 500 Cacao trees were planted in 2012 and are now producing. In 2015 an additional 1,500 trees were planted and will be coming to fruition within 2 years. There has also been an ongoing program here to graft high producing, disease resistant, good tasting clones onto existing trees.
Aside from the Cacao there are nearly 20 Acres of rolling pastures for horses or grazing animals, or the pastures could be reforested with a combination of Native Hardwood Trees or creating a Food Forest! Also included, about 15 Acres of Old Growth or Virgin forest, including some of the Largest Trees seen in years, this old growth is actually set in an Oasis (surrounded by pastures), much of the surrounding farms in this area had been settled as well as deforested years ago, to be used for coffee plantations or cattle. This farm has some of the largest and most precious trees we’ve seen in this highland area.
Electricity is provided by Solar panels and an older hydro system installed from the previous owner which may need updating, but the solar panels (2kw system) are maintenance free. There is also a small pond where Tilapia could be raised for added sustainability.
A concrete country house had 3 bedrooms including a new bathroom and shower with septic tank but all the interior walls have been removed due to termite damage, so as of now there is an open floor plan and currently used for Cacao storage. The cement floor and walls are still in decent condition, new interior walls and a ceiling could be installed and the house would once again be useable. Another area, previously used as an outdoor kitchen, is now a simple open area with a roof used for keeping odds and ends out of the rain.
Two structures were built 5 years ago, one being used as a Yoga Studio and the other as a separate living quarters and cabin, both situated on a hill with a gorgeous view of the distant Talamanca Mountains and the Amistad National Park.

A very popular river, Rio Coto, lies about 10 minutes away by foot, great for Kayaks or Rafting.

Here is a current list of features offered:
15 Acres of Mature producing Organic Cacao, 5 years ago an additional 500 trees were planted, the largest operation in this area plus another 1,500 in 2015.
Exotic Fruit trees including Durian, Cinnamon, Sancoya, jaboticaba, miracle fruit, pitanga, moringa and neem. Orange grove, producing and mature.
One acre of Sugarcane including a Trapiche, which is a manual press, used to extract the natural juice out of the cane.
One acre of Organic Coffee Pineapples ,Bananas ………many.
Hundred’s of trees planted over the past 8 years ago (a variety of good lumber trees including teak, Melina and Amarillon )
Bamboo Plantation.
15 Acres of real Primary Forest, with an easy walking trail .
Medicinal and Ornamental Plants of all type.
New Cabin and Yoga Studio.
Original Farmhouse with remodeled bathroom.
Chocolate-making equipment.
Old barn which has been used as living quarters and a community center, now in need of remodeling due to termites.
Solar and Hydro System.
Totally off-grid, remote but with good dirt road access (4x4 only) , remote but not deserted.
Nearby River including swimmin’ holes only a half hour by foot or horse. (River Rio Coto)
A great team of local labor that knows the farm and are trustworthy.
Asking $475,000. Contact me: 

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