Need Help in Finding A certain product

Matt Parmley
01/05/10 08:53:09AM
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Hello, I am having a hard time locating a certain product. I have the book chocolate and confections by peter greweling, and on page 70 he is filling the gold foil cups. I would like to find these cups but have been unable to do so. Everything I seem to find look like mini muffin cups. If I could get a reference I would be so happy. ThanksMatt Parmley
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Brad Churchill
01/05/10 05:22:31PM
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Many craft stores also carry cake decorating and hobby confection making supplies such as the foil cups. Here in North America, we have a large craft chain called Michael's which carries exactly those foil cups, and in different colors and sizes.Hope this helps.Brad Churchill
Bud Stockwell
01/21/10 04:04:21PM
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Linnea's is the best source for candy cups. Cheaper than papermart or modpak.


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