Where to buy bulk couverture?

01/05/10 04:27:14PM
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I'm looking for another source for bulk couverture. I usually buy through www.gourmail.com because they have the best prices I've found ($49.95 for 11 pound blocks of Callebaut or 6.6 pound blocks of Valrhona), but the selection is limited to a few products out of the line. Any recommendations for other sources for bulk couverture?
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nina luttinger
01/06/10 01:18:01PM
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Hi Valerie!We sell top quality bulk dark couverture -- 68% blend, 60.5% blend, and a 66% organic/fair trade blend. Specifically designed to perform perfectly in baking, this couverture is already being used by top chefs around the country.You can find out more in our website's TCHOPRO section: http://www.tcho.com/tchopro/ And more about the company: http://www.tcho.com Cheers!Nina
01/06/10 02:26:39PM
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Thanks Nina. I'm somewhat familiar with your company through your Twitter stream. I just filled out the contact me form on your website. Looking forward to speaking with someone.
Jonathan Edelson
01/17/10 04:36:11PM
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Gourmail is the retail division of Primarque. http://primarque.com/ You might try contacting them to see if they will provide retail handing (and of course, unfortunately, pricing) for other items in their wholesale line. I tried working with them years ago, but it didn't pan out; I mention them because you mentioned Gourmail.I highly recommend 'chocosphere' as a great online seller of a large variety of chocolates. http://www.chocosphere.com/ -Jon
Vivian S. Richman
01/19/10 12:31:27AM
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Periodically, El-Rey Chocolates has a special on wholesale couvature Venezualan chocolates. Six different varieties. http://sales.chocolateselrey.com/-strse-74/AAB-dsh-Wholesale-Blocks-22-lbs./Detail.bok


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