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16oz box featuring Lychee and Goju berry with Mango Tangoes
Kosher Pareve2 (2)
Chocolates for Valentines
Sugar Plums
Chocolates 005
Chocolates 002 (320x240)
Coconut 001 (297x320)
Valentine's Day box of chocolates
Heart shaped box
White chocolate and Blue Cocoa butter Viagra Pill
The Limey Chocolate 002



02/25/11 07:37:42AM @ilana:

Hello. Sorry it took me so long-was not involved for a while. Can I still be of any help?


01/21/09 09:53:45AM @ilana:
Yes, but being that I live in Ashkelon,right now and for the last month, my business is dead. I couldn't even make if I had a sale. I must get back into a routine now. Anyhow, your things look lovely. Yes, I wish us both bloom (in business not ON chocolate!! Seeing nice pieces gives me some motivation.Shalom!
01/21/09 09:43:25AM @ilana:
Yes of course that is what I was referring to!! Although I couldn't figure out what it said... I just saw the letters! Now I get it. I must say it made me smile, after a long horrible month...So toda rabah back!!