Chocolate Company/ equipment sold together

Sharon Strika - Webb
02/13/15 08:19:13PM
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 Chocolate Company for sale: Enrober & Cooling Tunnel apx. 19' 6"L, 18"W. 5" wide wire belt through enrober is 5" wide, & conveyor belt is 7". Two -2 hundred pound melters. Heated Dipping Pan.  5 bakery cooling racks w/ 4 boxed fans/20 wire shelves. 15 aluminum sheet pans 18"x 36". 1 aluminum bakery rack . 6' stainless steel work table. 2 rolling work tables. 2 credenzas w/drawers. 6 ft high glass showroom unit w/ glass shelves. 1 cherry cordial tumbler. 1 22 pound melter.3 glass lighted floor showcases 6'L x 2.5'D x 3.5T. . .together. 1 older glass display unit, not lighted 6'L x 2.5'D x 4'T. New digital scale. Stock boxes with dividers (apx. 150. 3 well stainless steel w/ tabs and long spray nozzle, Single stainless slop sink w/ taps and single hand sink (all slightly used) all. Buyer must have professionally removed. Sold alone equipment stated above is $26,000. Buyer pays all shipping, handling and removal fees. The whole store (items above) plus all contents; Store is ready for move in all newly painted to health codes, Gift shop is painted “Pink and Chocolate brown a must see”, with landlord approval (Rent is not included). This will include of flat, mini, multiplie molders, and 3 --d molds for EVERY SEASON AND HOLIDAY!. Also lots of additional I items and stock left. The Molds brand new cost $25,000, at the time they are well used, but will last a life time. Lastly we are in Clinton Twp. Mich. have been in business for 43 yr, the name and the signage and the customer base will be sold for $45,000(Waiver is sign for quality requirements of products to remain as is, or be upgraded.


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02/17/15 07:57:13PM
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Are you only selling all of the equipment together, or are you willing to separate?

02/21/15 01:04:44PM
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I'm interested in the equipment. Would be able to buy it all in one lot.


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