F/S - 6 oz polycarbonate bar molds - BC

Dirke Botsford
03/24/16 01:47:11PM
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Quantity 16 Molds, asking $15 each or $200 for all of them -

Polycarbonate mold, 3 cavities, 6x3 1/8x.5in, approximately 6oz, Cocoa pod grid pattern.
Approximate measures and weight supplied by the manufacturer.

All in great shape.

17557118.jpg  •  11KB

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Wendy Lieu
03/31/16 03:01:31PM
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Hi Dirke,

Are they still available and how long were they in use for?



Dirke Botsford
03/31/16 03:16:16PM
98 posts

Hi Wendy

Yes, I still have them. They weren't used that often, lightly for about a year. Let me know if you have any other questions. 



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