Must Read! Creating a Classified

Clay Gordon
04/03/16 01:17:42PM
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Please use the following format to make it easier for people.

There are three parts. Whether you are selling or buying, what it is you are selling (F/S, For Sale) or WTB (Want to Buy), and where you are located. Each of these three parts should be separated a space-dash-space. See below:

For Sale / Wanted to Buy - What you are selling/looking for - Where you are (as precise as possible - country at least).


  • F/S - Used Batch Tempering Machine - Chicago
  • WTB - Undeodorized Cocoa Butter - WA


Please also take a look at the guidelines for closing posts, which is also pinned.

clay -

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Brasstown Chocolate
04/11/16 09:45:48AM
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Thanks Clay for the information. 

Chocolate Pretzel Heaven
04/11/16 11:39:11AM
1 posts

For Sale - W.C.Smith Chocolate Enrober 7' - South Jersey

Clay Gordon
04/12/16 11:19:28AM
1,673 posts

Chocolate Pretzel Heaven:

For Sale - W.C.Smith Chocolate Enrober 7' - South Jersey

You don't actually create the classified in this post. You create a separate post.

clay -


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