Mini Rev Opinions

Walt Moody
11/04/14 05:04:09PM
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I am seriously considering ordering a Chocovision Mini Rev. I'd like to hear the thoughts/experiences of others with this machine. I'm just a hobbyist and it's hard to justify the extra expense of a Rev 2 even though I can see how useful things like adjustable temperature would be. Is anyone using a Mini Rev that is happy with its performance? Should I bite the bullet for a Rev 2? Are there other machines I should consider?



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Seth A. Hager
12/05/14 09:01:15PM
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I don't know if you have bought one yet, but my mini rev arrived today. I'm going to take it for a test drive tonight, and hopefully put several miles on it in a couple days. I'll tell you my experiences. Like you, I'm a hobbyist and my chocolate production has gotten too large for my kitchen stove double boiler. I have to say I'm a little worried about only a 1.5 lb. capacity, I'll have to use a reserve of melted chocolate to keep refilling. I guess I can't toss out the double boiler yet.

Walt Moody
12/08/14 03:14:04PM
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Hi Seth,

I haven' bought anything yet. I would appreciate your thoughts on your Mini Rev.

Thomas Forbes
12/08/14 10:53:06PM
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I have used a Rev 2 for a while now. It has worked like a champ and haven't table tempered since. What questions do you have.

Would like to know if anyone knows how to use the machine without using seed.


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