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Beth Bromund
11/09/13 17:34:17 @beth-bromund:

I teach at a wonderful high school in Michigan. Unfortunately, our state legislature has created a very anti-teacher environment and our salaries have been going backwards for some years now. Our local school board won't give us a decent contract option, and our salaries are frozen until we have a contract (per new state laws), but our expenses are mandated to increase if we don't have a contract. It's really frustrating.

Jeff Kuehl
10/11/11 11:36:23 @jeff-kuehl:
Great information. Thanks. It would be great to experience harvest. Any suggestions for where to stay and farms/contacts that might allow me to observe harvest? Also, the co-op in Nagua sounds interesting. Is there a website or contact?By the way, I am a former teacher as well.Thanks, again. Your assistance has been wonderful.
Jeff Kuehl
10/04/11 11:13:09 @jeff-kuehl:
Thanks for the quick response. I am in the recipe-testing stage of my bean-to-bar business planning. I would like to use beans from the Dominican Republic. Obviously, I am dealing in small batches at the moment. Can you recommend contacts, farms, and/or co-ops that could offer me beans?