Review of the EZtemper

07/20/15 20:27:44
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Hi All-

Although I have tons of experience tempering commercial chocolate, I have had a lot of trouble tempering the chocolate I am making from the bean.  And I am getting ready to start commercial production so I was looking for a way that my staff could easily temper using a machine or by hand, and how I could explain it to them if I couldn't do it myself.  My future staff is likely to have no formal education and even if I had thousands of dollars to buy an automatic tempering machine, I thought it might be hard to train them to take care of it properly.   Anyway, I saw an article about the eztemper machine, and thought, can it really be that easy?  

Yes, it is.  It is amazing!  I pulled the cocoa mass out of the melangers and put into a bowl.  I let it sit for a couple hours until it was 32-33 degrees celcius and added the 1% of seed cocoa butter from the eztemper.  I stirred well and poured directly into molds.  My chocolate came out perfect!  Its going to be so easy for me to train staff with this machine!  So worth the money.  

So, yes, its super awesome!  

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
07/21/15 07:57:51
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I have to agree!! The EZ has simplified my production, also.

07/23/15 06:27:55
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Thrilled to hear it is working so well for you Danielle!

Lisabeth Flanagan
07/24/15 07:11:21
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I spent a little time with Kerry the last few weeks and was able to see her work with the EZTemper first-hand. It seemed to work very well. I've been considering purchasing one.  Then two days ago, when the weather cooled and humidity dropped, I was dipping chocolate toffees and was having a terrible time tempering my lecithin-free organic milk chocolate couverture (tastes great, 45%, but hard as heck to temper) and I was wishing I had purchased the EZTemper. That was truly the moment when I realized that the cost is likely worth the time savings. You can see pics of the chocolate, and how we used the EZTemper on my blog here.  Kerry was testing it out to see if liquid, tempered chocolate could be kept in temper in the EZTemper for quick decorating and painting applications. It seemed to work well, but I think Kerry was planning to adjust temperatures to see if the chocolate could be less thick when it comes out of the machine. I'm curious to see the results of her experiments! But I think I will be making the purchase soon.


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Two changes we made with the chocolate is that this time we winnowed the chocolate. This time we didn't use a blow dryer to melt the chocolate. Two improvements with the chocolate is that the melanger didn't get clogged this time and everyone put in work.