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Lisabeth Flanagan
02/11/16 17:11:40 @lisabeth-flanagan:

Hi Thomas! Yes, lecithin and nuts are fine with me.  I keep lists of allergen-free chocolate and write recipes without allergens for those people who are searching for or need it, but I taste chocolate with all kinds of ingredients! I am looking forward to tasting yours!

Talk to you soon,


Thomas Snuggs
02/11/16 14:34:49 @thomas-snuggs:

Hi Lisabeth,

I am going to try to send you a chocolate package this weekend. It will also include some of my other bars as well. Given the recent HUGE thread about lecithin, is lecithin and even nuts OK with you. I use NON-GMO soy lecithin in some formulas. Just wanted to check.


Lisabeth Flanagan
02/09/16 07:06:58 @lisabeth-flanagan:

Hi Thomas!

Yes, I would love to try them and give you feedback if you like. I've certainly tasted nearly all the dark-milk chocolates available in the US and Canada (several times :-) ) and can compare and contrast for you, along with a taste review.  My address is Canadian, so I hope you don't mind sending them here. 

Samples can be sent to:

Lisabeth Flanagan

Ultimately Chocolate/Ultimate Chocolate Blog

29 Park St.,

Gore Bay, ON  P0P 1H0

Thanks for contacting me!

All the best,


Thomas Snuggs
02/08/16 21:50:41 @thomas-snuggs:

Hi Lisabeth,

You had a post several months ago about Dark Milk Chocolate and I also commented on the thread. I have some dark milk chocolate bars that I'd like to send you to get your completely honest opinion. I'm in California and I make chocolate as a hobby. I'm not currently selling and I give much of it away. I've never had a chocolate professional try my chocolate, so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts. I make all kinds except for white.

I just need to know where to mail them if your interested. Oh yeah, I make it bean to bar and I purchase the cacao beans from 

Best Regards, 

Thomas Snuggs

mariano garcia
03/24/15 09:54:28 @mariano-garcia:

Hi, Lisabeth

04/30/14 10:12:56 @chocofiles:

Welcome to TCL! I love your blog. You are a true chocolate connoisseur that I always learn lots of great information from!