Versatile Confectionery Kitchen Multi-Tasker

Clay Gordon
06/26/12 10:28:55AM
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I am always interested in small, inexpensive multi-tasking tools for the home and professional confectionery kitchen. This is one I ran across the other day that I added to my shopping wish list.

For those of you with a Chocovision Rev 1 or 2 or ACMC, you know that the melting cycle of the tempering process can be quite lengthy. It's useful to pre-melt the chocolate before adding it to the bowl, but paying attention to process and getting it at the right temp at the right time can be time consuming.

That's where this little device - the Brd & Taylor Proofer - comes in handy.

Originally designed for proofing bread, it provides a small, portable, self-contained, temperature-controlled environment . Place a bowl of chocolate into the cavity (I read that a 5qt KitchenAid bowl fits handily), set the temp for 108-112F, and walk away.

It also works as a bread proofer (there's a water reservoir for humidity - when you're working with chocolate you obviously want it dry), plus you can use it as a yogurt maker. If you've got bottles of colored cocoa butter you want to keep melted at a precise temperature (that you can set) then this device will serve that purpose, too.

I can think of lots of places where I want to regulate temperature precisely (anywhere between 70 and 120F!) in an inexpensive portable device I can keep close at hand. For many people I can see this quickly becoming a kitchen staple.

clay -

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Omar Forastero
06/27/12 02:06:52AM
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thanks for sharing Clay. Interesting!

Edward J
06/27/12 02:23:27AM
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I use an electric blanket for the same purpose. $20.00 for the 'basic" model, "low", "med" and "high" settings. "med" works pretty good for around 34 C


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