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Mahmoud batakji
05/15/12 05:59:27 @mahmoud-batakji:
Ohh lovely !! Iam new to this domain it's been less than year and iam working on my own business I have a tiny factory with a tiny shop , trying to take the steps up !! So what's ur job at patchi !!it's rare to find someone who's young that's interested In chocolate !! Ur In the factory in sibleen ?!
Mahmoud batakji
05/15/12 00:40:41 @mahmoud-batakji:
Dear OmarIt's quit impressing To see someone that into chocolate in Lebanon , just wanted to ask you do unhave your own business here ?!
03/27/11 17:11:32 @evelyn:
Thanks for the comment! :)
Kalena G
02/14/11 08:28:39 @kalena-g: