Hispanola and Sanchez

Thomas Forbes
05/15/12 06:01:55PM
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In the Dominican Republic the differential between fermented and unfermented cacao is called Hispanola and Sanchez respectively. I was wondering how do they differentiate in other countries around the world? I have read that somewhere between 12 and 15 percent of the cacao out of the DR is fermented. Other countries like Grenada all the cacao is fermented from what I have read. How are the different types of cacao labeled in other countries and which countries have more fermented cacao and why?

FYI There is a small town on the Samana Peninsula called Sanchez. From what Don Hector Rizek told me, because the cacao was shipped out of the town it was called Sanchez. I guess no one fermented Dominican cacao back then.

Does anyone know when fermentation started to develop in countries like the Dominican Republic and when the name Hispanola was first used?

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