For Sale: Chocolate melter 9.5 quarts

Robyn Dochterman
08/02/17 01:55:39PM
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Like new...barely used. Meltinchoc Chocolate Melter enables you to melt chocolate (or other food items) and maintain chocolate in a tempered state with its accurate thermostat. The outer construction is thermo-resistant plastic, with a removable stainless steel pan. NSF.

• 110 volts. 200 W.
• 17" length x 15" width x 5.5" height.
• Temperature range is from 0 to 60 °C (0 to 140 °F).
• Capacity of 9 liters (9.5 quarts).

Retails new at over $800. Asking $400 + shipping from Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota USA (55047)

Feel free to email me directly at if interested.

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