Are we Hurting Ourselves over this Mast Bros Controversy?

12/22/15 01:13:06PM
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Hi all,

At first, the news was just circulated in our own circles. Now it's been picked up by almost every big news source –– Inc, Vox, NYT, etc. . .

I'm wondering if the general tone of our conversations has been counterproductive. We want the public to respect us as artisans, but it seems like the image we've been presenting is more divisive than anything else.

I totally agree about the importance of transparency and integrity. And I think it's important for any community to hold each member accountable for their actions. I'm just not so sure that that's our real motive (or at least the impression we're giving off).

I wrote a blog post on my thoughts here if you're interested.



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Clay Gordon
12/22/15 01:20:34PM
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ab -

That's a very good question, and one that's being asked in a lot of quarters these days. The answer in the end is that I think everyone will be better off as a result of the scrutiny and improving customer trust.

clay -


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