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The Slow Melt
03/10/17 05:53:31PM
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Hello all,

I wanted to share the latest episode of The Slow Melt - the only podcast focused on the full story of chocolate. T he majority of chocolate we know and love - 70 percent - comes from West Africa, and in the last few weeks, the price these farmers receive for their cocoa has plummeted to historic lows. We decided to wedge this program into our podcast schedule to make clear this is NO cause for celebration - and to help everyone who loves chocolate understand the economics behind what they are buying and how their decisions can help farmers who are earning less than $1 a day.

Guests include:
Laurent Pipitone , director of the economics and statistics division at the International Cocoa Organization, on the impacts of historically low cocoa prices on subsistence cocoa farmers in West Africa.

Antonie Fountain , managing director of the VOICE (Voice of Organisations in Cocoa in Europe) Network, on how the money consumers pay for chocolate is allocated.

Sako Warren , global executive secretary of the World Cocoa Farmers Organization, on what farmer empowerment in cocoa really means.

Please listen and share if so moved.

Also, here is an article you chocophiles may enjoy: The Many Benefits of Making (and Eating) Chocolate Right Where It Grows , written by our host, Simran Sethi.

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The Slow Melt
05/12/17 04:48:55PM
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Update: Please visit our website, or find us on iTunes and your favorite podcast apps, to listen to more episodes.

Episode 8: The Deep Origin: Latin America with Maricel Presilla , Cristian Melo and Chloé Doutre-Roussel .

Episode 7: The Craft of Chocolate , featuring guidance from Clay Gordon , author of Discover Chocolate , and creator and moderator of, as well as
Karen Bryant , Greg D’Alesandre , Sunita de Tourreil , Carla Martin , and Art Pollard. Read a full transcript of interviews on our website.

Episode 6: Save by Savoring , with Sam Maruta , chocolate maker and co-founder of Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat, in Vietnam; Pathmanathan Umaharan , director of The University of the West Indies Cocoa Research Centre and International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad (ICG,T); and Charles Kerchner , co-founder of Reserva Zorzal in the Dominican Republic.

Episode 5: Eat With Your Ears, with insights from experts on how our other senses can impact the taste of chocolate.

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06/27/17 02:11:24PM
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Subscribed on Pocket Casts! Thanks so much for this! It's great! 


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