Massive amount of lemons available

04/07/09 01:58:07PM
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Hi chocolate people,I desperately would like to help a friend who is growing Lisbon lemons commercially in California's central valley using organic methods, but not yet certified organic, to sell approximately 500 tons of lemons = 20 truckloads of 25 tons each; that's 1,800,000 lemons. These are currently on his trees and based on the lemon market / lack of demand these days he is going to let them stay on the trees and rot unless he can find a taker.He said "The lemon market is in total disarray all over the world. S. Africa & Swaziland will pick 40% of their lemon crop, Spain 80%, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Argentina and Chile similar problem, California District 1 Lemons will not all be harvested this season. Pricing reflects this - but inability to market all of the crop adds insult to the injury."He will sell the crop on the trees for 1 cent per lemon, buyer takes all...which is a loss for him but at least something. This could be very lucrative if someone found a market to resell the lemons of course.Do you know of anyone with a juice business, preserves, massive amounts of lemon-based chocolates, or some other culinary use who may need these...or even for a new juice business?I'd love any ideas for possible buyers. It makes me really sad to think of all that fruit going to waste!If you know someone I will intro you or them to him.Thanks!Susie
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Melanie Boudar
04/11/09 02:59:25AM
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There used to be a company in Florida called Island Oasis that made a great lemon sorbet. Maybe they are still around but they did not respond to a recent email..What made their sorbet/ice unique was it was stuffed in the half shell of the lemon which was apparently flash frozen somehow..retained its color, etc. They were importing the frozen fruit rinds from South Africa! Seems crazy. Someone should capitialize on this. They had oranges, pineapples, and coconuts as well as lemons. Oranges , and limes would be the same. I'd buy them!.
04/11/09 11:54:49AM
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Hi Melanie,Great point and great idea. I'll look into it!Thanks,Susie
Clay Gordon
04/11/09 01:16:47PM
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Susie:In Napa there is a business called Perfect Puree ... they might be interested. Also consider contacting Nielsen-Massey. In addition to vanilla they are doing other extracts and lemon is one of them. I think Matt Nielsen is a member here on TheChocolateLife.:: Clay

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