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Selling your chocolate online

Hi everyone,Congrats on embarking on,...
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Lauren J
01/22/10 02:24:53AM @lauren-j:
There was a place here in Berkeley that made some - and they just closed. I've always thought candied orange peel was under-represented. it's fabulous. I'd also love someone with a real appreciation for the possibilities and subtleties of chocolate to match it. Most chocolate dipped oranges use remarkably poor chocolate - especially for the labor involved in candying and presenting orange peel. Go for it ... and let me know when you want local testers/customers.
Christine Doerr
04/13/09 01:29:18PM @christine-doerr:
Hey SusieDid you ever have the chance to try Cocolat's "Chocolate Amber" truffle? TO DIE FOR! A hard chocolate shell filled with "liquid amber" caramel and covered with toasted nuts. (I can't remember what kind of nuts.) My differentiator is to make a truffle without a shell, otherwise I'd be all-over reproducing that one.
Jeff Stern
02/12/09 03:01:57PM @jeff-stern:
Hi Susie:I saw your posting recently and was reading up about foodzie. I live in Ecuador and am working on launching a US brand in the near future, which might be something that would go well with foodzie. You can see it at Ill be opening a web store online for both wholesale and retail sales in the next month or two. Email me if you are interested in learning more at regards,Jeff