Godiva "Breaks the Mold" for its new Chocoiste store in Tokyo's Harajuku District

Clay Gordon
12/16/09 12:43:27PM
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The design of the new Chocoiste store is a part of a major re-branding effort that includes all 80 stores in Japan.One unique component of the design is ceilings made to look like melted, dripping chocolate. It's an interesting mix of the very playful with rigid modernity with some romantic touches (take a look at the chandeliers).Overall a pretty radical departure from the fairly traditional/conservative design that has been the hallmark of Godiva shops to date.What do you think of the new look?Does it make you think better of Godiva as a brand?Is this store a place you'd find inviting to sit down and eat some chocolate?Inquiring choco-minds want to know.

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Melanie Boudar
12/17/09 02:12:59AM
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I think it looks gross and uninviting. And Chocoiste...whats that? Sounds like imitation chocolate.I think they got it wrong. I'll take the museum quality cacao tree replica in my resort store any day!Pictures coming soon...
Duffy Sheardown
12/17/09 06:29:54AM
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Curiously uninviting - maybe it would look better with people in it; it might look less like they aren't part of the deal.
12/19/09 03:09:50PM
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I think it is way overdone but could be nice if done more realistically and delicately and in just a very small area or a small corner or from a shelf or countertop.
12/20/09 09:30:19PM
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Trying to understand it ? And I have come up with, they pretty much knocked off the look of the Pierre Marcolini shop (in Chocolate square in Belgium) and since they are putting it in Harajuku a trendy place for the youngers' they needed to add that certain "something different" element into it. Or maybe since the launch is in Tokyo they went with the whole godzilla thing ?.....attack of the killer M&M's on the upscale boutique?
12/25/09 03:09:56PM
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Kind of odd - and incongruent with the cut glass chandelier.




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