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Andre Costa
10/05/10 02:22:56PM
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A friend of mine runs an unusual business: she has a brownstone in Manhattan where everything is for sale - everything!
She has events now and then where she invites musicians, artists, etc, which in turn bring people to see the event and purchase things in the house. Her business is growing and she is planning a holiday weekend, where different vendors will be invited to sell their wares. I am one of the invited vendors.

This is new for both of us, so we are going back and forth on $$. She is not planning on charging a flat fee for the vendors to attend, but for a percentage of the sold items. The question is what percentage would be fair for both of us? 60/40 (60% for me, 40% for her)? More? Less?

Has anyone done anything like this in the past?
Or would anyone has some pointers to share on this type of deal?

Thank you,

Andre Costa

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10/06/10 07:04:15AM
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60/40 sounds pretty steep for this sort of arrangement. I don't have any idea of 'standard' percentages for this sort of thing, but when I've done something similar in the past it has a been a flat fee. I seem to recall that for certain settings there was a flat fee with a small percentage incentive (like 5%) - the incentive being to encourage the owner to get more people in to buy your stuff.


Andre Costa
10/06/10 09:28:48AM
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I guess my issue with the flat fee is that I have absolutely no idea what kind of money I may (or may not) make during the weekend.Sigh...thank you for the reply.I know some places will just let you use the space for free, as having different vendors will usually bring more people to the place and this may help you sell your own stuff.Again, thank you.
George Trejo
10/06/10 07:01:14PM
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Personally the most I would ever give up is 20% in a desirable location with big traffic. That's pushing it, maybe closer to 15%.For 40% I'd want them to sell the product with a reasonable amount guaranteed. I think during this time of year there are too many good options for small volume locations to be paying out 40%. Craft bazaars, holiday shows. . . .
10/08/10 10:11:27PM
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Standard "show" venues, craft or specialty or farmer's market generally charge a flat fee. However, this is based on a perceived percentage. And that perceived percentage is 10%. I take my candies to a number of these venues throughout the year. Places where the percentage ends up being more than 20% of sales, I do not return. 60/40 is too steep.


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