Hawaiian cacao and chocolate in the news

02/28/11 05:36:34AM
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Here a nice article in theHonolulu Weekly that mentions The Chocolate Life as "the facebook of chocolate";Kokoleka O'Ka 'Aina, started by Seneca, a regular on The Chocolate Life; us atMadre Chocolate,and other new goings on with cacao and chocolate in Hawaii, including the Hawaii Chocolate Festival that just happened yesterday which was a blast. Hope some of you were able to make it there!



Nat Bletter, PhD

Chocolate R&D

Madre Chocolate


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Brad Churchill
02/28/11 02:24:33PM
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Great article! Congrats on the press!

Sarah Scott
02/28/11 06:18:49PM
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This is great! I was just joking last week during a lecture about "retiring" to Hawaii and growing cacao. My husband says we don't know anything about farming. This post led me to Seneca's blog which looks like a great place to start! I'd love to visit the farms there in the near future. This also led me to your website and as an avid supporter of American bean-to-bar producers I can't wait to try your bars! Maybe next year I will make a trip out for the festival.
02/28/11 07:41:14PM
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Thanks, Brad! Hopefully someday we can achieve a fraction of the great thingsyou've done withchocolate!

Come out and visit us sometime in Oahu!

We almost got a bar ofyourchocolate here, but our "messenger" from Calgary ate it all enroute since it was so good, and all we got were the cool looking packaging!

Clay Gordon
03/01/11 11:27:20AM
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Nat: Thanks for pointing this out. I've tweeted/FB'd it and promoted it and more ... http://www.lavidacocoa.com/thanks-to-honolulu-weekly-for-calling-thechoc

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/


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