What to do with all my chocolate?

Thomas Forbes
01/25/13 07:57:21PM
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I have been sourcing liquor from a few places and playing around with sugar and butter content, along with time in the melanger. Right now there is probably 40 pounds of barred chocolate, some of it more for drinking being it was made with liquor made in the campo in the Dominican Republic with some rural women groups using Sanchez beans or roasting over wood. I still have more than 20 pounds more liquor to grind/conch.

I have always given my chocolate away and being I make it at home, am unable to sell it to the general public. Everyone has very good things to say about the chocolate but I am not completely happy yet with what I am producing. It would be nice to at least recuperate my costs to I can keep experimenting.

Also, I can roll and dip a pretty good truffle and my chocolate cupcakes are the best.

Any suggestions?

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