Any experience with the Gami s.r.l. T240 Tempering Machine?

Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
05/15/14 08:03:56AM
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I am starting a bean to bar business to complement our Organic Cacao plantation in Southern Philippines. I would like to get some information on the performance of Gami s.r.l. T240 Tempering Machine from members of this blog who have experience on this equipment. Will appreciate very much any information. Thanks a lot.


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Marinko Biskic
05/22/14 05:08:38PM
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6 years using GAMI T 260 and I am very satisfied.
See SELMI model ONE ( # specifiche) which has a capacity of 12 kg and has a similar price.
Used tempering machine GAMI T 240 -3500 euro can be seen here ( the small ads in Italy-type , write TEMPERATRICE.

Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
05/23/14 01:32:14AM
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Thanks Marinko, it has been a big help.


Clay Gordon
05/24/14 05:20:58PM
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Do you already own the machine or are thinking of buying one?

I have been working with FBM on making sure that their machines are suitable for working with craft chocolate, which has a tendency to have a higher viscosity (is much thicker) than commercial couverture chocolates.Among other things, the geometry of the tempering auger in the FBM machines makes them well-suited to working with craft chocolates.

There is now a Craft Chocolate Upgrade for two of FBM's machines (the new ProXima and Unica, both with 25kg working bowls) for volume production. This upgrade was created in direct response to the experiences of one particular customer who pushed us and pushed us to solve his problems. He does not add any cocoa butter to his recipes -- something FBM had never run across before. The upgrade consists of a more powerful motor that delivers extra lower-RPM torque, a gearbox with a different ratio, and heavy-duty bearing seals for the auger.

Even the smaller FBM machines -- 4kg, 7kg, and 12kg working bowls have features that make them suitable for working with thicker chocolates. Yes, there have been some issues with some users who've been having troubles finding the proper tempering points, but I've been working with FBM over the past six months to find a solution and we've found the answers.

Right now some of the US's most demanding craft chocolate makers are buying - and switching to - FBM for this reason. As near as I know (and I follow this topic closely), FBM is the only company that's listening closely to the needs of craft chocolate makers.

Also -- ChocolateLife members get a 10% discount of list prices.

clay -
Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
05/24/14 08:24:39PM
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Hi Clay,

We still are in the process of looking into different kinds of Tempering Machine. Thanks for introducing the FBM Machines. I'll be checking their website.




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