Need your opion and insight..

Stephane Laviolette
08/18/14 11:24:04AM
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Hi, About 6 weeks ago I opened up a chocolate kiosk within a very popular candy store, now what I taught would be smooth sailing has proven to be a real challenge.. I am restricted to 160sq/ft production and retail space.

I am offering a bit of everything.. molded products, truffles, dipped products and a whole lot of chocolate bars

Now I am debating what to do with my truffles.. I think my price point is a bit too high but I am also debating how I will continue to sell them.. right now I have a selection of 21 truffles in a non refrigerated display case that sits on my counter.. I don't sell that many, people coming in are not looking to buy chocolates in the first place so i sell only a few here and there, they are more attracted to my fancy and off the wall chocolate bar flavors.. I am wondering if I would not just be better off to eliminate the case and pack the truffles in mixed chocolate boxes and stop selling by unit.. and gain back some counter space for faster selling items.

Anyone else has dropped selling truffles by the unit and just went pre packaged ? If I had a ton of space i would continue but right now the amount I am selling anyways doesn't feel like it is making good use of that counter.. comments ? ideas ?

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garay more
08/21/14 09:15:37AM
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i am a cocoa farmer from east africa, and i am able to supply any quantity of cocoa bean requested Contact me soonest if interested

Stephane Laviolette
08/21/14 09:24:15AM
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I was looking for comments and opinions and comments.. not cocoa beans LOL

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
08/21/14 10:24:00AM
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I think you should concentrate on what is selling. Sounds like you know what you should do:)

Stephane Laviolette
08/21/14 10:28:06AM
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I think I do.. but I am worried about making a bad decision..

but more and more I think that to stop selling truffles by unit is the way to go.. I will only offer them in mixed boxes, and I am looking at doing some wine pairings with a local wine shop and create custom truffles that will be sold in pre packaged boxes of 2 and 4.

basically I wanted to see if anyone else went this route.. and do not offer truffles traditionally in a case..


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