Dedy-Brand Mini Moulding Machine

Nathan Franklin
11/07/14 07:00:24AM
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Hi everyone!Several months ago, I bought a chocolate tempering machine from a certain company (not Dedy) and it was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. It arrived in non-working order, the manufacturer insisted I pay for the repairs and the resulting shenanigans left me without a machine and a fair bit poorer.I'm now looking at purchasing Dedy's 'Mini-Moulding Machine' but, hopefully understandably, I'm now a bit concerned about having a similar experience. Would anyone happen to have any experience with any of Dedy's machinery or post-sales service?
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11/09/14 01:18:21PM
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Nathan, my name is Tom Polk with TCF Sales and we represent Dedy in the US. Certainly I can provide the information you are looking and assure you that the quality and support is there with Dedy. Better yet I can provide you references who tell their experience with the machine. Please call us at TCF Sales, 512 201 4443.

Ilya Snowdon
07/02/15 06:24:45AM
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Could you spill the beans.

what would one of these cost


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