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Todd Kelly
10/08/08 10:51:12AM
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I'm a small business owner that currently sells brownies made with fair trade chocolate online and to various retail outlets. I currently use Divine chocolate in my brownies but was wondering what other fair trade chocolates out there might be better in quality or is Divine pretty high up there. I'm by no means a chocolate expert so I would love some feedback. I just wanted to make sure that I'm using the highest quality chocolate in my product. Since I'm selling brownies I can't afford chocolate that is over $6/lb because it would make the price of the brownie way to high. If anyone has any recommendations as to other brands I should consider that would be great. I'm not caught up on the where or not it is "certified fair trade" as long as the company can ensure me that they are working directly with the farmers and they pay them fair prices.
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Clay Gordon
10/09/08 04:14:08PM
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Todd:Here is a link to the list of companies licensed to use the Fair Trade mark in the US, including Importers/Distributors, Manufacturers, and European exporters.Names like Barry-Callebaut and Guittard are on the list - so there are almost certainly products in the price range you're talking about. If you're not stuck on Fair Trade look into Rainforest Alliance and similar certifications. Here is a list of Rainforest Alliance certified farms - the links are to PDF files.Most of the companies involved in "direct trade" make products that are far more expensive than the price you're talking about.Ultimately, after price, it's all about the taste that you like the chocolate to bring to your brownies.:: Clay

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
10/10/08 01:09:29AM
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If you can find it, Guittard Akoma is very nice - they're 55% cacao and fair trade certified and all natural. They carry it on Chocosphere.


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