What's YOUR Desert Island Chocolate?

Clay Gordon
02/13/11 03:54:45PM
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You're stranded on a desert island and for some reason, you have the ability to choose some of what you're stranded with, including chocolate.

Okay - it's a mythical desert island, of course, because you have unlimited amounts of the chocolate you want to eat, plus working refrigeration to keep it in good condition until you get around to eating it.

So ... what chocolate do you take?

:: Clay

PS. My Desert Island chocolate is the trio of Indonesian 65% dark milks from Bonnat - Surabaya, Asfarth, and Java. (I know it's more than one it's my question so I get to interpret the rules.) In addition to the fact that I like the taste, milk chocolate has been shown to be me more complete nutritionally (overall, even though lower in antioxidants) and a better choice for "survival" situations.

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Nicole Gnutzman
07/14/11 01:09:46PM
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I was scanning old posts and came across this one, which even though it is a few months old is a great question. I'm sorry no one else took you up on it at the time, Clay. Maybe my response will revive the discussion....

I loved Mort Rosenblum's book, Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Light and Dark, where he searches for his own desert island chocolate, and as I read it I found myself asking, so what's mine? At the time, it was definitely Valrhona's Guanaja--its complexity keeps me very well entertained. Since then I was introduced to Chocolat Bonnat's bar from Cuba. It's dried fruit flavor of raisins somehow seems more nutritional, so it might fool my body into thinking it's being better nourished :-).

Omar Forastero
07/16/11 02:18:29AM
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Awesome! i'm happy this question is being revived too, thanks guys.

i'm gonna go dark with this one. 85% Valrhona. And since refrigeration is provided, I'm gonna milk the island's cow, produce cream andwith theuse of local spices create wild pirates of the carribean truffles

Melanie Boudar
07/17/11 07:03:15PM
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I like Omars Pirates of the Carribean Truffles! I think I'd have to have some Felchlin Cru Savage for day in day out indulgence and for more special occasions my own peanut butter cups, salted mixed nut caramel and coconut creme brulee truffle.LOL! Hope theres some exercise equipment on this fantasy island.


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