Need help with Jordanian flavor ideas!

03/09/11 02:36:04PM
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So, I have been starting my chocolate business very slowly (but surely). I have not even finished my packaging designs yet, but I just got a special order for 3 dozen chocolates! lol

Here is the story:

I am active duty in the Army Guard for Colorado. (kindof a cross between National Guard and Active Duty. I work full time.) Anyways, the Colorado Guard has a close relationship with the country of Jordan and they are going to be here for a conference.

The General of Colorado just happened to be in my office today (very rare) and I just HAPPENED to bring a tray of truffles I made in today. She tried them, she loved them, and she wants 3 dozen of them for this conference. (im pretty excited, its my first 'order'!!!)

So, I am going to donate them to the conference instead of charging them (seems like the right thing to do).

Here is the question:

Does anyone know anything about Jordanian food/chocolate/treats/spices or anything like that? I would REALLY like to make something creative that can somehow represent their culture. If there is a spice or inclusion or anything that you think would compliment the Jordanian pallate, I would love to use it. The plan is a standard milk or dark chocolate/heavy cream ganache dipped in either milk or dark Cacao-Barry couveture.

Any suggestions? And thanks in advance. Everyone on these forums is so creative and helpful all the time!
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03/10/11 01:00:03AM
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Used in Jordan,Lebanon, Israel and many other mediterranean countries, Zatar is a herb mixture of usually hyssop (a mint relative), sumac, oregano, and a few other variable spices. Might be worth playing with something like this or a variant of it inchocolate.You canprobably find it at most local Middle Eastern food suppliers.

Hope that helps!

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03/10/11 04:18:02PM
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Rose or orange flower blossom (water), pomegranate, lemon, olive, tomato, cucumber.


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