Any great tasting raw chocolate?

brian horsley
03/15/12 12:15:52AM
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I'm not a raw foodie, don't care about health benefits, doesn't matter to me how raw is defined, or if its even possible. Just curious if anyone on this board has ever tried any great tasting chocolate that calls itself raw?

Here in Peru there is none available, i've never been able to try any. Anyone willing to comment on flavor/quality of raw brands, or recommend one that i could have someone bring down sometime? Again I don't care if its really "raw". Just seems like unroasted and presumably unconched chocolate would be bitter, astringent, and if the beans are fermented, vinegar-y.

any suggestions?

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03/15/12 01:34:38AM
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Hi Brian,

The thing is very fewpeople makebean-to-bar "raw"chocolate aside from Pacari, Gnosis on specialLimited Edition Bars, and us occasionally. Don't know if anyone's coming from anywhere in the states, Ecuador, or Hawaii (for ours) where they can find theseto Peru, but at leastyou know know which to aim for.



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Madre Chocolate
12/09/13 01:49:04AM
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I would love to understand more about bean-to-bar Raw production. I am curious how you sterilize the beans without roasting. I came across a forum post where Clay talked about potentially using UV lights. What have you found to be effective?

Secondly, Im curious how easy it is to remove the husk without roasting. My understanding is that the husk is loosened through the roasting process. What is your method?

I am super curious about this process and am in the beginning steps towards creating a full picture, so basically any information you want to share, I am open to hearing.

Thanks so much,

12/09/13 02:01:27AM
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Brian,I am with you in that I am not a raw foodie, and am not concerned with the definition of "raw." I do, however, enjoy the flavor. It tastes lighter to me, a little fruitier, and more subtle in flavor.

My preferred raw chocolate bars include LuLu's "Maca Love" bar, LuLu's "Aztec bar," and Fearless Chocolate's "MIdnight" bar. You might also try Sacred Chocolate's "Mylk" bar. It has a much different flavor than what you might expect, but it is worth trying for the experience of it.




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