Caffeine and theobromine

04/24/08 10:05:26AM
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I've read that chocolate may not even have caffeine in it after all but only similar stimulants, one of which is theobromine. What do you think? Can anyone point to a definitive answer to this?A related question-- I've seen lists of how much caffeine is in dark chocolate. How do they measure that, and doesn't the amount of stimulant vary with the cacao percentage? Surely a 100% bar of 100g has more stimulant than a 55% bar of the same size.
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Alan McClure
04/24/08 10:56:36AM
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It depends upon the genetics of the cacao. Some cacaos, such as some Criollo-type populations, have about an equivalent amount of caffeine to their theobromine levels. In fact, it even seems possible for there to be Criollo-type populations with slightly more caffeine than theobromine. Other cacao, such as hybrid and Forastero populations, have far more theobromine. I haven't seen results of any with 0 mg/g of caffeine, but there are some that come close. However, it isn't possible to make a blanket statement that all Forastero has almost 0mg/g of caffeine, because some Forastero populations have more. That is about as definitive an answer as I am aware of.Best,Alan


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