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Matt Caputo
01/13/10 12:19:59 @matt-caputo:
Alan,Good of you to email me. It is a shame but I won't be at the show. This will be the first time in years I won't be going, but I have too much to work on hear. You are welcome to call or email anytime. My cell and office phone are below. I am always ready to talk chocolate.I hope you have a good show. You should send me a sample bar or two. It has been a couple years since I tried it. I have been meaning to carry your product, but I have SOOOOO much Madagascar and I have never gotten around to it. I would like to reevaluate. If it is not too much trouble, you can just give a couple bars to Art at the show. I seem him at least once a week.Also, you should stop by Chocolatier Blue in Berkeley. If you do tell me and I will let him know you are coming so he will give you the grand tour. Definitely my favorite filled chocolatier in the U.S.Best,--Matt CaputoDirector of MarketingTony Caputo's Market & Deli caputo.matt@gmail.comOffice: 801.531.8669Fax: 801.532.2930Cell: 801.897.9974Twitter: @CaputosMarket
03/12/09 12:42:51 @islareina:
Hi Alan, I'm from CoMo also; I can't believe I've never been by your store. I can't wait to stop by when I return to the states.
Mindy Fong
03/03/09 12:53:31 @mindy-fong:
Hi Alan,I sent you an email through your website. Sorry to make such a fuss about this, but would love to hear your thoughts as a non-re-melter on this re-melter subject.Mindy
12/14/08 12:24:27 @holycacao:
My partner in my company, Zev ordered from you directly and had it shipped to my parents house in America. I just got back from the states and am working on a roaster made from an old gas maytag clothes dryer and some kind of winnower.I really want to make some madagascar but it is very difficult to find someone to ship small quantities here at a reasonable price. I found in European warehouses but I'm having trouble figuring out the export ing. It seems that I need to have beans checked by an equivalent of the usda (don't know the eu one) in order to get a phyto since the phyto does not apply to beans in warehouse.Anyway I appreciate what you have done with your chocolate and also the advice and help you have been for me. I wish you the best of luck.
12/13/08 16:42:09 @holycacao:
Hi Alan,I just wanted to let you know that I tried your three Madagascar bars next to many Madagascar bars. I loved the 75, a lot! It really reminded me of a 77% that I made not so long ago (except yours was roasted perfectly- not too high - I think in my batch roasting of these beans I may have gone a little high on some roasts since the roast flavor is a little more pronounced than I would like- and I noticed how well roasted yours was.
Madame Cocoa
12/04/08 23:03:49 @madame-cocoa:
Alan, pleased to meet you. Looking forward to more interaction. I just did a great holiday collection of craft American makers that was a real hit and included Patric of course. PS - thought the "personal note" on your last newsletter hit the mark - thanks for your expression of pride. - Mme C.
The Republic Of Chocolate
10/05/08 18:23:23 @the-republic-of-chocolate:
hello alan thanks a lot for acepting my request!!...
Curtis Vreeland
09/13/08 05:58:05 @curtis-vreeland:
That was a very nice chocolate tasting area at Slow Food Nation. You are making some great bars. Will contact you later.
08/19/08 06:30:16 @carol:
Hi Alan,I would like to have seen you too.I am enjoying watching your business grow.
06/30/08 22:08:15 @brady:
Alan- Good seeing you too at the F.F. Show yesterday. You looked like you were on a mission or I would have stopped to talk a bit. There was so much to see. I had a good experience and learned quite a bit in the time I spent there. One day was enough for me though.
Jay Olins
04/20/08 17:42:08 @jay-olins:
Of course! We've communicated before outside of TCL. I have your two bars in my collection and look forward to new additions/editions. Hope some day you will do a tasting in Los Angeles, a la Fog City. Mel & Rose Wines have a broad collection of bars.
Jay Olins
04/20/08 15:43:42 @jay-olins:
Thanks for adding me to friends. Why would that Patric be "cheating?" Are you of a mind that "true" dark has to have a higher cocoa %?
04/14/08 18:59:21 @brady:
Hi Alan: Hope things have been good for you since your trip to NY. Looking forward to hearing more about your company and your views on chocolate. From my non biased point of view, I'll second the notion that your 70% Madagascar is excellent. Keep up the great work!
Clay Gordon
04/14/08 12:53:06 @clay:
Alan:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. Thanks for the presentation to my Meetup group a couple of weeks ago - everyone I have spoken with enjoyed meeting you, hearing what you had to say, and tasting the differences between the 70% and 67%. I wish you great success and I look forward to your contributions here.