Any recipe for hot thick chocolate preparation to be used in a chocolate machine at a market stall?

11/18/14 03:29:13PM
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Hi all,

I 've seen a similar post in this forum but it didn't quite answer my question so I would appreciate any advice from you. We are planning to have a stand at a market selling thick hot chocolate using our new machine (Camurri). The issue is that we will need to be heating new content to pour into the Camurri for refill cause its capacity is 5L, so we are looking for suggestions of a simple mixture that we could prepare on site and "cook" it before pouring it in the Camurri, or otherwise we would require to wait approx 20-30 mins for it to be prepared in the machine.

We are thinking of trying out the following method though we didn't get to test it yet:

Using a milk frother, add cold milk, sugar, cornstarch and cocoa, stir & warm them up. Then add solid chocolate and allow about a min to melt. Rewarm using the frother that would also mix the chocolate and pour it in the machine ready to be tasted.

Would anyone suggest any other method or recipe that could be more efficient in this case?

Any feedback on Camurri machines? (Ours is pretty new so we 're still testing it)

A million thanks for everything!

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Dan Lantonio
11/18/14 05:44:00PM
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I use a latte machine at my place to heat the milk. I make a cocoa paste of, sugar, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and water. I heat the sugar and water together till boiling then pour over the cocoa powder and chocolate. Then put in fridge till needed. I spoon the paste into the cup, heat the milk up and pour over the chocolate paste. It's rich and customers love it. Plus they like the idea of fresh made hot chocolate. Hope this helps.


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