too much cream in a caramel

03/13/15 08:46:12AM
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I accidentally added an extra 75% cream than what was called for to a caramel I made recently.  While texturally it seems fine right now, I wonder if there might be any negative impact in the shelf life?  Perhaps it will just have better, richer taste?  Better 'stand up' quallity?  Would you use it?  Thanks!

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02/24/17 06:50:06AM
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I don't think that adding too much cream will affect your dish, but it will add more rich taste. I am also a very big fan of caramel and chocolate and try different varieties of dishes at home. Recently, while surfing on the internet I came across a blog here , which have many chocolate desserts. I always follow such kind of blogs for making deserts so that I don't get confused while making the dish.

03/30/17 12:20:09AM
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First there are a few forms that caramel will come in.  The most common is the individual blocks wrapped in cellophane.  Whereas these are the most economical ($1.98 for 14 ounces) they are also the most time consuming to use.  It takes time to unwrap each block and then of course, you can’t help but eat a few of them as you unwrap them – that’s just a given in my kitchen and should be in yours too.   Since they are larger blocks of caramel, they also take a little longer to melt.  So if you are more cost conscious than time conscious , these are the ideal caramels for you.  You can find these in the candy aisle.


Then there are the caramel bits – little balls of caramel.  These have been around for about 5 years but up until about a year or two ago, they could only be found in the stores during the holidays.  Now they are a constant on the shelf.   The bits are easy to measure out and use just what you need.   Of course, when I use them, I still sneak a few – just another given.  The caramel bits cost more ($2.98 for 9 ounces) but will save you lots of time by not having to unwrap them as well as less melting time.  So if you are more time conscious than cost conscious , these are for you.  The caramel bits can be found in the baking aisle near the chocolate chips.

04/03/17 04:19:35AM
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Its okay,  I love caramel recipes anyways..


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