Oko Caribe sample roasts

Daniel Haran
10/29/15 12:01:25AM
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I've just started roasting new samples of Oko Caribe, trying a total of 8 combinations described below. Hopefully some of you will have suggestions for things to try.

First, about the equipment: I use perforated cheats in a commercial convection oven with excellent air flow, a single layer of beans on each pan. Prior to this I had used a Gene Roaster, a Behmor and a home oven. The Gene Cafe and oven get similar results at equivalent temperatures, often 20% below the reading needed for a similar roast profile on a conventional oven.

On to the specifics: in previous experiments I found that some cocoas do better with a drying / pre-heat phase. I use 20 minutes at 65C, the lowest available setting for my oven. For each temperature I have two sheets, one that goes through the pre-heating phase and one that does not. This time beans were removed at 18 and 20 minutes.

For the roast tests I was joined by a friend with a great palate. We hand-shelled beans from each sample and mixed nibs (I'm thinking of using a mortal & pestle next time) to get a representative sample without getting too wired.



pre-heated, 100C:

  18m: floral notes with peanut, coffee, fudge and brownie

  20m: more chocolate flavour, notes of espresso


  18m: sticky shells, beans still hard. Peanut, strong acid, green banana

  20m: brazil nuts (!?). fairly astringent but with a nice bourbon / malt, a slight smoke.

pre-heated, 110C:

  18m: nutty. spice notes: nutmeg, clove. some harsh acids. "warm"

  20m: minty, pepper aftertaste, less acidic, not very astringent.


  18m: pretzel (!?). Fruity acids, a favourite.

  20m: coconut. astringent; spice and espresso.


The next tests will be "no pre-heating, 22 minutes @ 100C" and "10m pre-heat, 12m @ 118C".

Is there anything else you would try for roast profiles or to change my protocol? Thanks in advance.

10/29/15 08:34:05PM
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To start with I may question if there would be an easily detectable difference between beans that have been roasted at 100-110C with the only difference being 18 or 20 minutes roasting time.

I may be wrong.


If you would like a suggestion:

Start with 10 minutes at 75C, raise temperature to 100C, hold for 15 minutes, raise to 130C hold for 10 minutes, discharge and cool immediatelty by blowing cold air (use a fan?).

You may try extending time at 130C to 15 minutes or raising the temp to 135C or 140C.

As always in life Your Mileage May Vary.



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