02/04/17 09:37:50PM
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SpiceValley  recently introduced CinnaPepper – a combination of White pepper seed with a process of maceration with Cinnamon. Spice Valley is looking for chocolate makers to create some recipes. Allready have collaboraton with 5star Chefs , Do not hesitate to contact them. 

Clay Gordon
02/05/17 02:58:38PM
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Marck -

How would one get in touch with the chefs you mention ... and how would a chocolate maker looking to use CinnaPepper get hold of samples to create recipes?

clay -
02/10/17 06:06:55AM
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Exactly my question. I have also never heard any chocolate recipe having CinnaPepper in it.Happy

02/10/17 07:52:30AM
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tHello!, thank you for your post about #Cinnapepper.

It is a very new taste created by #Spice Valley in Vietnam. As a specialist in Pepper & Spices ingredients.  If you have any ideas of recipes with chocolat can be a good match with this special #Cinnapepper  please share with us! 

NB: the taste of Cinnapepper is a white pepper got infusion of Cinnamon by a process developed by Spice Valley Distribution. 


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