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deedee devi
02/19/10 02:50:06AM
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a l o h a dear ONES ~

is there a comprehensive discussion on this site or elsewhere regarding the usage of alternative sweeteners for making tempered chocolate?

i have sucessfully made RAW tempered chocolate with both maple syrup crystals and xylitol but want to explore other options...

anyONE else use these and would like to share their opinions on how they feel the taste/texture etc differed from using what sweetener?

the maple syrup crystal chocolate was made quite some time ago so i can only comment and say that all who ate it LOVED it but the recent batches of cacao nib/ cacao butter/ xylitol tempered chocolate has differed in texture by means of time ... meaning it seems to change texture after keeping in storage after some days ... yet as i do not know enough about this whole process, it does get warm here so after reading about staying at/below i think it was 70 degrees or so, well this could play into the texture change.

any thoughts by other alternative sweetener users? love love love ...

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Mark Heim
02/19/10 07:03:48PM
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A common objection to using xylitol is the cooling effect due to the high negative heat of solution.


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